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Sip on some Tipsy Love with Ninski's latest remix

Ninski is back with his latest release, a remix of JT Roach's 'Tipsy Love'. In a cascade of acoustic and electronic notes, this ode to 'pouring another' brings folk flavor and warmth in contrast to his prior original release of the fun, futuristic 'Puppets feat. Luna May'.


These rich elements craftily blended with rhythmic, easy-going energy is sure to keep you smiling and drinking into the wee hours of dawn. Ninski brings an atmosphere of indie fire-side electronic music, often highlighted by soft, sweet vocals that captivate you with thought such as his remix of Billie Eilish's 'Six Feet Under' where Ninski teams up with Mickey Valen. This exquisite combo offers an emotional and sensual experience with underwater vibes balanced by a bouncy beat that keeps you dancing in the rain of this sad tune. With a plethora of some seriously nice original tracks, Ninski will definitely be one musical journey you want to keep up with.

The track is available for free download via our friends at The Fine Beat, and will soon be out everywhere!

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