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These are our latest releases [January 12, 2024]

Updated: Jan 17

Get Stuck In The Middle of chill house delight with NSH and Benjamin Roustaing

Renowned for hits like "Sunbeams," surpassing 13 million streams, Swedish producer and songwriter NSH is a prominent figure in the dance scene. With credits for artists such as Galantis, JVKE, and Deepend, his 1 million monthly listeners on NSH set the stage for a promising 2024. "Stuck In The Middle" eases the tempo, immersing listeners in the atmospheric production. Benjamin Roustaing's soulful voice, recognized from collaborations with Massane and Sultan + Shepard, effortlessly complements the soothing ambiance. In short, this is a track to truly get lost in!

Need More?

Transitioning seamlessly from the enchanting collaboration of TWOPILOTS and Dutch artist Heleen on the uplifting 'Sunset,' where chill and tropical house elements fuse with Heleen's charming vocals, we move into the celestial charm of 'Shooting Star.' This delectable chill house collaboration between Moving Castles and seasoned artist Namic combines the smooth vibes of 'Kopenhagen Skies' with Namic's Soave circuit hit 'Be Okay,' resulting in a cosmic record that radiates warmth and awe, serving as a heartfelt ode to love.

After Panuma's 2021 triumph with 'Metaphysical,' we immerse ourselves in the captivating 2024 release, 'Another Lie,' a deep house collaboration with Vice Vrsa. This enchanting track skillfully merges classical romance with modern dance vibes, showcasing the alluring vocals of Mark Vayne. Shifting gears, our journey through the melodic dance realm continues with Damaui, a notable figure since the 2020 hit 'Never Felt So Good.' Unveiling 'I Need To Be' in collaboration with Kat Abel, the track explores house music with sincerity, featuring a deep house groove, tasteful plucks, and Abel's impressive vocals. This milestone further cements Damaui's enduring presence in the genre.

Moroccan artist Choujaa, renowned for blending festival energy with emotive songwriting, collaborates with genre-defying IRENEE S for a stellar 2024 debut. The enchanting synths and tantalizing drums set the stage before South African artist Mavhungu captures the spirit of the record with her captivating voice. "Nwenwela" is the perfect tune to kickstart your year with its beauty and motivation.

In a long-awaited return to Soave, Italian artist STRIKE collaborates with Sherman De Vries, delivering 'Day In Day Out.' The duo presents an exciting deep house beat adorned with vivid synths and a bold bassline, complemented by the enchanting vocals of German artist David Emde, known for turning house beats into heartfelt records. Meanwhile, Brendan Mills, the most streamed saxophonist on Spotify, gives a deep and tropical house twist to Zombie Nation's iconic 'Kernkraft 400' melody in his first 2024 release, ensuring the timeless dance community favorite lives on in true Soave fashion through his innovative take.

Norwegian trio HYPER BOYZ collaborates with local artists Braaheim, ILYAA, and Dani Vidi in Soave's renowned tradition of refreshing and covering originals with a techno twist. Their latest venture transforms David Guetta's 2007 track 'Baby When The Light,' showcasing Soave's commitment to pushing creative boundaries in the electronic music scene.

Final Touch

To finish off this week’s releases, we give you 7 more tracks that explore different styles. Whether you are looking for the perfect chill house song or a most up-beat track, we are sure that you will find one, if not more, to your taste! Make sure to add these to your playlists. 

Thank you for reading through, you can now listen to all of these tracks here. Make sure to add them to your playlists and see you next week!

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