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Cookie Policy

Last changed: June 2nd, 2022

In order to make using our website easier for you, we make use of different types of cookies.

What are cookies?
Cookies are simple, small text files that we place on your browser/device as soon as you are visiting our website. These files do not cause any harm to your device. They can not be defined as viruses.

What types of cookies are we using?
Required/ Mandatory Cookies
Required cookies are essential for the functioning of the website. Disabling this type of cookie may affect website functions such as security, accessibility and content display.

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Functional Cookies
Functional cookies are strictly necessary for the service you are requesting (for example: to be able to log in to our website). Without functional cookies, our website does not function.

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Analytical Cookies

Analytical cookies are used to gather data and receive reports on the use of our website. We can measure the quality and effectiveness of our website and develop accordingly. There is a possibility these analytical cookies gather personal data. This type of cookie is used to enhance our website’s performance and improve your experience.

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Marketing/Targeting Cookies

Marketing/targeting cookies are used to track user activity and sessions. This helps us deliver a more personalized experience. Soave Records collects information about your response to our marketing and communication activities and your activity on this website. The information is added to your personal marketing profile, which can be used to measure campaign effectiveness and to provide content and offer services that are relevant to you.

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There are several references to social media platforms on our website. By clicking on the links or references, you are redirected to these social media platforms. The cookies as used by these social media platforms come into play. The platforms will now recognize you as their own user. To know what type of cookies are used by these social media parties, we advise you to review their cookie statement.

How to delete cookies
You have the opportunity to delete already placed cookies. The process on how to do this may differ per browser. Please open your browser and select the ‘Help’ function to retrieve more information on this. When you delete the use of cookies within your browser, you can continue to use most parts of our website. However, we would like to remind you that we use these types of cookies to improve our website’s performance and enhance your personalized experience.

We reserve the right to adjust our cookie statement. Therefore, we advise you to review our cookie statement on a regular basis.

If you have any questions regarding our cookie policy? Please feel free to get in touch with us.
Please visit our website or e-mail us:

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