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Our highlights of the week

Max Wassen and Badjokes make your perfect dessert with Apple Sauce

With singles like “Japan” racking in over 2.5 million streams as well as a 7-track EP released over a year, Max Wassen truly adds something different to the Soave picture. The Canadian-born, Sweden-based rapper deftly straddles the line of lyrical depth and enticing playfulness, always performed over a bouncy electronic beat. This time, he invites Badjokes to produce a chirpy, synth-heavy track underlined by garage-inspired drums and memorable melodies. In the name of “Apple Sauce”, this tune may very well be just as sweet as the dessert you didn’t think you’d be craving at this time of day! 

Quality, More Quality

New Yorker Nate VanDeusen, with hybrid dance pop producer Iaco and British singer Oscar Corney, brings warmth with the heartwarming track "Leave Me A Light On." Chill house artist Kid On The Block starts 2024 emotionally with "Fell Out," featuring Honest Regrets. The successful duo DT James and Kimbo continues in 2024 with the rich track "In Your Shadow." Ukrainian producer Horbatso, after a Soave debut, collaborates with Namté on the reassuring chill house charmer "Let You Down." Swiss-based artist PLVTO adopts the alias "BLANCE" with the nostalgic single "Hide." Sarosa and LeXxìv offer serenity with the enchanting "Stare At The Moon." Sean Blanc and Sunset Oasis provide pure chill house with "Want U Back", while BE4U and Marsias create an irresistible atmosphere with "Breathe."

Austrian duo PALASTIC, famous for hits like "Price," launches their 2024 campaign with the rich and brooding deep house track "The Unknown," featuring a vibrant bass line and powerful vocals by Plymouth-based artist Sam Welch. In a different vibe, Italian progressive house artist Jako Diaz kicks off the new year with the mesmerizing track "Never Love," featuring the talents of Egyptian DJ and producer OMERGY and the soulful voice of Toronto-based singer Melissa Lamm.

In a 2024 twist, "Now I Know" pays homage to classic deep house, blending the energy of Turkish producer Yusuf Alev, the wisdom of Beirut-born Cyril M, and the soulful voice of Bonny Lauren, defining the genre at its best.

The cover trio of Braaheim, ILYAA, and Dani Vidi begins the new year with a high-energy, speed house version of Pendulum's electronic anthem "The Island," featuring bright synths and pianos for an even more uplifting impact in clubs and festivals worldwide.

Icing on the cake

To finish off this week’s releases, we give you 4 more tracks. If you want to vibe along a chill tune, Friday by Tullio was made for you. For the night owls, we would recommend Self Control by Matt Wolff, Sirona, a sped up version of Numb by Anthony Keyrouz, Jean Juan & Jay Mason, and a techno version of  I Need Your Love by Poylow and Yohan Gerber. Make sure to add these to your playlists. 

Thank you for reading through, you can now listen to all of these tracks here. Make sure to add them to your playlists and see you next week!

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