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Soave Collab

Join our amazing Discord community and get a chance to be signed!

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Soave Collab


What you need to know about Soave Collab?


Imagine a buzzing Discord hub where passionate creators from all walks of life unite to craft some seriously groovy tunes. Soave Collab is all about fostering teamwork and creativity in the realm of house music. We're talking about a space where you can team up with fellow beat wizards, melody maestros, and lyrical geniuses to cook up some next-level jams.

We are all about creating a strong community, so here's the deal: you can only submit a demo that you created with another member of the "Soave Collab" Discord Channel! 

What's in it for you?

  • The winner gets signed with Soave Records

  • Be part of a growing community of passionate musicians

  • Get feedback from Just Fede in the Discord Channel

  • Meet new musicians and future collaborators

What to do now?


Join the Discord community through the link down below and start creating with your fellow musicians! Once it's ready submit your track & join the contest by filling in this form! We can't wait to hear your demos, so gather your squad, fire up your music production gear, and start crafting those infectious beats and melodies. 

Got more questions? Need feedback before submitting? No worries, drop all your unfinished tracks & questions in the "collab -bro" channel on Discord by the 10th of April and Just Fede will answer all of you & give you the best tips to move you closer to that winner podium!

Join the Discord Community!

The Deadline


In order to participate in this song contest, we need to receive your submission before April 14th, 23:59 CET!

All set? 


Did you settle on a final version for your demo? We hope that you had fun working with someone from the community! Now that you're all done, you can submit your masterpiece right there. In just a few clicks, you will officially participate in the contest and might be signed with  Soave Records!

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