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Simon Field does it again with deep remix of Treyy G & Klave

Deep house-pop producer Simon Field from Oslo has done it again! With millions of plays on Spotify and support from the likes of Sam Feldt, Tiesto, and The Magician, Simon has been described by NRK as a "producer to look out for," and we fully agree! His newest remix of Treyy G & Klave - So Weak (ft. Joe Cardigan) is a little deeper than his previous ones, yet the more delightful.


Simon Field remixes the track into an even deeper groove-oriented masterpiece. It starts off with smooth vocals and a muted guitar. Then, the hook comes in with a delicious bass and the undeniably catchy melody from the original. The vocal chop is also left intact and it brings on a delicate but deep chorus which lets your imagination run loose. A futuristic bass, some shimmery percussion and the vocal resumes to wrap up the ear-candy. But there's more in store! A perfectly fitting melody appears which seals the deal for good.

Have a listen to this fantastic remix in our Daily Deep playlist and tell us what you think!

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