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Premiere: El Mukuka - Something's Coming (feat. Kayla Jacobs)

Quick question: how many Zambian producers do you know? Well, we're gonna make that zero a one by presenting you El Mukuka's latest song. The Lusaka-born producer is one of the most promising house acts to come from Africa, and presents us his sunny summer tune 'Something's Coming'!


In case you answered 'one' to my previous question, that'd probably be because you heard our last year's Soundcloud releases Let Me Know and I Have a Dream of him. This new song is featuring the sweet vocals of LA based singer-songwriter Kayla Jacobs.

"Something's Coming is my 4th collaboration with her", Eleftherios explains. "We work remotely using a combination of Skype, email and Facebook to write our songs. Once we have the song ready, Kayla gets into the studio in LA, records her vocals and then sends them over to me for production and mixing. The song is a fusion of African music with European melodic / tropical house and serves to spread a message of hope, perseverance and faith!"

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