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Imad celebrates a million plays remixing November Lights - Talk

november lights imad talk

There's no secrets here and this isn't just talk when we describe how it feels to listen to Imad. At 17 years young, he already has a myriad of future, melodic deep house remixes, as well as two originals under his belt and each song is as lovely as the next.


Imad entered the year reaching a million plays on Spotify and SoundCloud combined on his previous original 'Getaway'. It featured songbird Samia, whose sweet voice adds a bit of jazz to Imad's unique blend of genres. Additionally, a live trumpet by White Trumpet and a collaboration with Wave Wave, all in the same swing, make for one hell of a combination.

His follow up release, Talk, hits all platforms on this beautiful Friday and we couldn't be more pleased. The Lebanese wonderkid transforms the original indie alternative rock ballad giving the song a facelift with a classic deep house rhythm that speeds things up, but soothes the soul and creates a force field of happiness!

There's a distinct sad-clown appeal in this theme of bittersweet love where the message isn’t contrasted, but complimented and even uplifted by the bright, yet soft melody. This track stays amazing sans lyrics too when Imad cuts up the vocals in his signature style and we really, reeeally can't get enough of it. This stop and go, ebb and flow feeling will have you doing more than talking the talk!

Don’t miss out on this artist, it only goes up from here! Happy Friday and find the song here or below!


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