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Ride the Waves, not the sidewalk! New Ian Ewing EP

ian ewing don't ride on the sidewalk

Lend me your mind for a moment. It’s early in the A.M. The rays of the morning sun, warm and inviting, trickle through the sheer window curtains creating prisms that splay across the stitches in the couch. You are still wiping your eyes as you pour your first cup of Joe.


From your speakers, Ian Ewing’s new EP, “Don’t ride on the Sidewalk” with Strehlow and SunBLVd, coos softly in the background. Getting lost in the moment as the sexy psychedelic, wavy beat begins to rock you gently back and forth, this album somehow flowing nicely with delusions of last night’s fading dreams. You feel your spirit reawakening as smells of spiced aromas and sounds of groovy guitar strings fill the air, all topped with the ultra-sultry voice of Sunblvd. So “fall in love and forget to exist.” This crew has us asking too, “what’s life if not this?”

The love-filled EP dropped last Friday and is perfectly timed with the arrival of Valentine’s Day in two weeks. Download and stream here or hear it in our Silk Beats playlist!

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