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New Music Friday: Soave's latest music releases

Braaheim and ZANA go speedy with Don’t Leave Me

Norwegian phenom Braaheim continues his unstoppable streak of heavy hitters with latest speed house record “Don’t Leave Me”, marking his 15th release on Soave this year alone. 15… quite a number to sink in. Yet each record exudes a distinguishable sound that feels Braaheim, characterized by his aptitude for scintillating synth work, heavy drops and the grittiest of kicks. This one sees him invite fellow Norwegian singer ZANA to offer her captivating voice that rounds out the record. Step up the pace, you don’t want to fall behind! 

Carving More?

Saco, a rising star in Utrecht's Soave music scene, has amassed over 90 million Spotify streams with hits like "Take Me Home" and "My Mind." Nate VanDeusen, a standout artist from New York, promises a captivating journey with "Last Train Home," blending acoustic and electronic elements. Belgian artists Sander W. and Sönnefelt offer a soulful experience with "My Imagination," featuring sultry vocals and delicate guitars. DT James and Kimbo present "Bulletproof," a fusion of folk and chill house. Braaten collaborates with Raphael DeLove for a chill rendition of Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive." Stangen and Szaby team up with Robbie Rosen for the original track "Fraction of Myself." Mati Troglia delivers "Water Under The Bridge," a soulful blend of pop and house music. Løvento partners with XYSM for "You Bring Me Up," adding springtime joy to the electronic scene. Will Church returns with "NEON," a vibrant dance anthem produced by LEØN. AALLAR continues his dominance with "Dernière Danse," transporting listeners to Paris with soulful vocals. Namic, ALUR, and Offmind create the enchanting "Crush," capturing the essence of a romantic spark in sound.

Final Djs follows up his disco-inspired groove with "Piece Of My Soul" with another sun-drenched beauty, "Make Me Feel," featuring angelic vocals and gentle pianos leading into a sultry, soulful bass line that creates an aura of ease and imagination, showcasing the rising talent's ability to deliver tracks that free listeners from daily pressures and truly make them feel transported on a cloud-like journey, another exceptional mark from Final Djs.

Choujaa, renowned for his eclectic fusion of house, techno, and futuristic electronic sounds, ventures into Afro house territory with his latest release "Phanda," featuring South African vocalist Mavhungu, delivering a seriously hypnotic vibe that continues to showcase the Moroccan producer's prowess in shining a light on his local electronic scene while captivating millions of listeners worldwide, solidifying his position as a must-watch artist in 2024.

Munich-based duo Exit Coda, known for their melancholic yet vibrant melodic house sound and successful collaborations like "Paradised" with Chris Luno, completes their first EP run on Soave with "Rapture," a single that embodies their evocative and freeing style, marking a significant step for both the German duo and Soave itself, showcasing their ability to evoke deep emotions while providing a sense of liberation, solidifying their position in the forefront of the melodic house scene.

YES YES, the Finnish duo, renowned for their viral cover of Lil Nas X's "MONTERO," continues to captivate the electronic music scene. Their latest release, "Rollercoaster," featuring Louis III's vocals, promises a rhythmic dance experience that might leave you bopping your head so hard, you'll blame them for getting sick after the ride, yet definitely worth it! German acts WHOCARES and U333 deliver a euphoric speed house hit titled "4AM," blending bass synths and potent drums to transport listeners to the peak of the night, inviting them to join in and get wicked to the ecstatic sounds. Artists like ILYAA, Dani Vidi, and the HYPER BOYZ duo craft anthemic techno and speed house hits that cure insomnia, inviting listeners to rave away the night. Norwegian producer Le P debuts on Soave with a laid-back groove highlighted by vocal chops and euphoric synths, promising a soothing atmosphere that gears listeners up for summer, showcasing his meticulous approach to music production.

Turin-based artist Nick Giardino collaborates with Romanian producer Pascal Sebastian and Italian act Coffeeshop for a bass-intensive hit titled "Rockstar," blending rap, slap house, and downtempo elements into a forward-thinking dance anthem that promises to dominate the dance floor, showcasing Giardino's tenacity for club-radio hybrids and his constant pursuit of innovative forms of dance music, inviting listeners to feel like a "Rockstar" and join the sweaty, anthemic journey.

Last rounds!

As we conclude this exciting release week, here are our last 2 tracks. Dance to the beat of “Weight of the World” by Oomloud, Willemijn May and “Every Time We Touch” by Groovyn, ILURO, No ExpressioN. Get ready to embark on a musical journey like no other – it's the perfect crescendo to a week of discovery and delight!

Thank you for reading through, you can now listen to all of these tracks here. Make sure to add them to your playlists and see you next week!

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