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Lu & Sowlmate slide into your summer with bright indie debut EP

mike wit i feel that artwork

Not as housey as you may be used from us, but they definitely bring all the chill: Lu & Sowlmate release their debut EP on Soave Records! Runaway Life perfectly catches the light summer feel that these summer months are all about.


Even though the guitar-lead tunes are catchy and bright, the German duo doesn’t shy away from heavier issues in the songs such as mistrust (Hopeful Words), drug addiction (Drifting Away) and life after death (Walking Corpse). The EP will be followed by a Remix EP in July, so Lu & Sowlmate are here to stay the summer! Oh, check out what our friends at The Music Elk wrote about it here. "Hopeful Words is about the love story of two young people. The guy can’t reach the girl with his words and the girl is just mistrusting", the guys explain. "Runaway Life is about two young people who only want to enjoy their life, travel and be free. Drifting Away is about a young guy who is addicted to drugs and his little brother who wants to convince him that there are still things that make life worth living. Walking Corpse is about a life after death. A person dies and can’t ascend to heaven so he has to stay on earth as an invisible walking corpse."

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