Selected Singer: Rosendale

You might know him from beautiful collaborations with Ludomir or Daïtshi, but that's not all there is to Rosendale! California-based Brian Wang recently debuted his first original single Fairytale as part of his crowdfunded EP. Time to get to know him better!

Who is your biggest role model as a vocalist? My favorite vocalist (and amazing songwriter) is Julia Michaels. She's worked with several big EDM producers and her voice and lyrics are pure gold! What kind of genre do you prefer to sing? I prefer progressive and melodic house tracks, since my voice tends to fit better with those types of production. Do you like to sing covers? Which one is the most difficult one you've done so far? Yes I do! On my YouTube channel (RosendaleSings) I try to do a couple covers every month. The most difficult one I've done so far is Alan Walker's "Sing Me To Sleep". It was really difficult to capture the original beauty of Iselin Solheim's vocals, but I tried to make it my own.

But you prefer to sing originals?

Yes! It feels very rewarding to write and sing my own music, and have it impact listeners in some way. Do you compose and write your own songs? So far, I've written all of the lyrics for all of the EDM collaborations and originals I've done. I work with producers to help turn the vocals into a complete song. Do you have a home recording studio? Yes, my wonderful closet. It's small, and packed with clothes that help to absorb sound. It works quite well for me, haha. What is your favorite song? There's too many for me to choose just one! At the moment, I'm really digging "How To Love" by Cash Cash. Do you sing while taking a shower? Every day. 🙂 Do you already perform as well?

I try to do at least one live performance every month, whether its through livestream on my YouTube channel or at a live event in the San Francisco area. I usually play acoustically, just me and my piano.

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