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Premiere: Whilk & Misky - All By Myself (SA Remix)

Italian tropical prodigy SA debuted on our Selected Soave channel 10 months ago, with his remake of Bob Marley's Is This Love. He went on to remix several other tracks in his typical instruments-loaded style, adding strings, saxophones and more to a solid deep house bass. Now he's out with a new remix, giving a nice different touch to Whilk & Misky's song!


"When I first started this remix I was fascinated by the original song, it has such a rhythmic and dynamic timbre. I knew that this timbre was the perfect vibe to remix, and so I did. What I wanted to reach with the final result was to bring the listener into an adventure, surrounded by a bunch of Native Americans dancing around. And this is what I did, hope you guys can feel the same emotion I feel listening to it!

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