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12 More Reasons House and R&B Belong Together

After the huge succes of my first 12 reasons why R&B and House belong together, with the Soundcloud playlist currently standing at over 200 likes and shares, I decided that apparently lots of people agreed with me. So why not supply you guys with even more reasons? I selected 11 new producers (Le Youth is doubled, but that's because he's at the forefront of the R&B House development) and lots of other R&B artists. Although, yes, I might have put The Weeknd in there again and, no, there is no overdose of Beyoncé and her Destiny's Children.

The list kicks off with an all time classic remix: Cyril Hahn's take on Say My Name. This is one of the tracks that got me into deep house in the first place, so I don't really know why it wasn't in the first 12 reasons. For Kulkid and Endor's tunes I had to dig deep into the depths of Soundcloud, but they're still very prominent tracks on my iPod. I have to admit to slipping some more (Nu) Disco-oriented tracks in there, especially the one by French Nu Disco prince Jean Tonique, but I'm just hoping you don't mind (:

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