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The Best Spotify Playlist Curator Platforms to Send Your Music To

Updated: Jan 11

De Hofnar at ADE 2023

Ready to boost your Spotify game and get your music heard? We've got the lowdown on how to up those stream counts and land a spot on some rad playlists. Let's dive in!

How to Pitch Your Tunes to Playlist Curators 

So, besides just tossing your music directly to Spotify, hitting up playlist curators is key. Keep it short, snappy, and show some love for their vibe. Dive into their taste, so your jam fits their playlist like a glove.

Drop them a personal message - use their name, show some love for their playlist curation skills. Spice it up with your music's genre, style, and your own musical journey. The more effort upfront, the better your shot at racking up those playlist followers.

Pro tip: Hit up '' or '' in your Spotify search bar to find indie playlist owner contacts. Easy peasy!

Oh, and don't forget the links to your music. Craft a killer press kit with all the deets about your music journey. Trust us, it's a game-changer!

Only Roll with the Legit Crew 

Watch out for the shady characters! Some playlists might not have your music's best interests at heart. Keep an eye on playlists with steady growth and fresh tracks - legit vibes only.

Spotify's got a squad hunting down fake playlists. Trust us, it's not worth the risk. You don't want to mess with the Spotify police!

There is a number of platforms that help you connect with the right indie playlist curators. Including Soave via Submithub. So, get an account on one of the below websites and get pitchin'!

Top Playlist Gurus to Slide Your Beats to 🎧

  1. SubmitHub 📤 - Connects you with a network of playlist pros.

  2. PlaylistPush 🚀 - Hooks you up with curators across platforms.

  3. Soundcampaign 🌎 - Global love for your tracks.

  4. Daily Playlists 🗓️ - Enthusiast-curated playlists on point.

Now that you've got the deets, start pitching like a pro! Your music deserves the spotlight, so go get it on those playlists. What are you waiting for? Hit play on those dreams!

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