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Top Music YouTube Channels for Producers in 2024

I know, I’ve been there too. We’ve all been there. Many of us have struggled to find useful resources and guidance to aid us in starting our journey as producers or refining our skills.

And what do we do? We head to Youtube to find a wealth of priceless information. Yes, it is priceless, but the information is abundant and often unverified. What's more, different channels may offer conflicting advice, leaving us more confused than when we began our search.

Navigating the vast selection of music channels on YouTube can be overwhelming, making it hard to know which ones to trust. However, there are many channels that offer valuable expertise and user-friendly content. The challenge is identifying these channels, but that's where we come in! We've curated a list of the top YouTube channels for music production, in no particular order, to help you find the best resources for your music production journey:

Big Z

Being an artist himself, Big Z offers some of the most trustworthy music production tutorials on YouTube. He's well-known for his remakes of popular songs by artists like FISHER and KREAM, but also delves into specific techniques with videos like 'mixing tips' and 'creating professional synth sounds'.


Lukas is a valuable resource for aspiring producers, offering a wide range of advice to help you improve your music production skills and succeed in the industry. He not only provides tips on music production, but also covers the business side of things, such as building a fanbase, promoting your music, and getting it noticed by record labels.

Andrew Huang

A skilled producer, known for his unique approach of creating instrumentals from unexpected objects, and for hosting competitions where four producers create different songs using the same instrumental. He provides valuable production and music theory tips on his channel that are beneficial for both novice and experienced producers.


Memphy is an EDM producer who guides viewers on the process of creating songs in specific artist or genre styles. His videos often reference popular EDM producers like Illenium, Kygo, and David Guetta. He focuses mainly on House music and its sub-genres, and some of his popular video topics include 'Producer Hacks' and 'Mixing and Mastering Tips.'

Dylan Tallchief

A YouTube channel focused on providing music production lessons and tutorials on individual artists, primarily in the electronic music genre. He also hosts live streams where he demonstrates the process of creating tracks from scratch and assists subscribers with improving their own projects. His inventiveness is undeniable, as he is also credited with constructing a drum machine using Excel.

Pensado’s Place

The "Pensado's Place" podcast, led by esteemed industry professionals Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick, features interviews with renowned producers such as Noah '40' Shebib and Mike Dean. The podcast provides a platform for these experts to share their knowledge and experience in producing, recording, mixing, and mastering music, and to educate listeners on these topics.

DJ Mag

This Electronic Dance Music Magazine keeps you updated with the latest industry news and features exclusive videos with notable figures in the scene such as DJ Boring. DJ Mag also gives you an inside look into the creative process of industry professionals by showcasing videos of how their beats are made from start to finish, and also how they perform live sets.

Honorable mentions:

You Suck at Producing

This YouTube music channel offers a fun and engaging way to enhance your basic music production abilities. The channel combines humor with educational content, making the learning process more relaxed and enjoyable. The host's extensive knowledge and versatility in music production ensure that he can answer a wide range of questions and provide guidance for creating tracks in various genres.

Help Me Devvon

HelpMeDevvon is an expert in his field, who uses Pro Tools to create instructional videos on vocal production and techniques for making them stand out in a mix.

These Music YouTube channels offer a wealth of free and expert knowledge, making them deserving of recognition. Whether you're just starting out in music production, looking to improve your skills, or simply seeking entertainment, these Youtube channels have something to offer. The list includes channels that cater to all levels of music production aspirations. So, sit back, lock your eyes on the screen, and immerse yourself in the world of music production.

YouTube is a valuable resource for acquiring foundational knowledge of music production or any skill for that matter. It's also an effective platform for promoting music and reaching potential fans. This article provides you with the best youtube channels for music production in 2024.

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