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New Music Friday: Soave's latest music releases

Updated: May 21

Braaheim and Brendan Mills say It Just Won’t Do if you don’t blast this one

Comfortably sitting with over 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Braaheim is a force to be reckoned with. From melodically rich originals to thumping techno covers, the Norwegian goes balls to the wall with his energetic format. This one is of the latter, combining with London-based producer and saxophonist Brendan Mills to take on “It Just Won’t Do”. The instrumental boasts scintillating synths latched on powerful drums, before British singer and songwriter Tess Burrstone carries the tune in fervor with her brilliant cover. Surely a record for the festival season, it simply just won’t do if you don’t play it aloud! 

More in stock?

Honest Regrets and Namté follow up their chill house debut "Little Love Again" with "Lose It All," a poignant yet hopeful track about the struggles of letting go in a relationship, blending inspiring indie qualities to capture listeners' hearts. "Mas Que Nada" by DE SOFFER and Yann Muller is a vibrant chill house track that captures the spirit of summer with beach-inspired melodies, perfect for complementing sunny days and evoking the joy of the first ocean wave touching your feet. Planet Wave House, in their third collaboration of the year, teams up with electro-pop artist Namic on "Holding Back," a chill house track that captures the awe of love with soothing beats, continuing their streak of summer hits like "Look Away" and "Hold You Right." Danish producer henrikz, known for his Soave debut "Play Fair" and the evocative follow-up "Tonight," teams up with German producer Gianluca Dimeo on "When I’m With You," a delicate and hypnotic deep house track perfect for enchanting evenings and captivating sunsets. Dutch duo Gobi, rising stars in the electronic music scene, continue to impress with their rich melodies, gentle beats, and forward-thinking sound synthesis in "Memories Of You," solidifying their position as purveyors of delectable and suave records that demand attention and anticipation for what they'll create next.

Vegas-based "Saxiest DJ" Natty Rico delivers another tropical hit with "AEA," featuring his signature blend of saxophone-driven melodies and beautiful sound design, perfect for enhancing coastal trips and adding to his impressive repertoire.  

Level 8, with over 1.2 million monthly listeners, collaborates with Forever Kids. and vocalist imallyrt on "Say You're Mine," a lush, punchy dance anthem featuring a gritty bass line and captivating synths, poised to dominate both radio and dancefloors.

Kapuzen's latest release "Tumaudu" on Soave showcases his euphoric, soul-stirring dance music style with a blend of acoustic elements and gritty bass, perfect for summer playlists and reminiscent of tech house festival hits. Mondorro collaborates with Soave icons Freaky DJs and Aexcit on "Out Of Love," blending deep house with pop elements to evoke the ache of heartbreak while infusing a sense of hope and inspiration through their technical prowess, offering a fast-paced house cut that sweeps listeners off their feet and lifts them out of heartache.

"Reignite," a high-energy hypertechno track by Swedish DJ ILYAA and Norwegian singer-songwriter Kazhi, uses powerful basslines, driving percussion, and hypnotic synths to deliver an electrifying and relentless sound perfect for revitalizing the week and energizing the weekend. Norwegian duo HYPER BOYZ, now boasting over 1 million monthly listeners, debut their new techno track "Parachute" featuring hypnotic vocals, tantalizing synths, and a thumping beat that delivers raw, unadulterated euphoria and hyper-energetic vibes.

Last round!

As we conclude this exciting release week, here are our last 7 tracks.  Unwind with the chill vibes of “The Boys Of Summer” by Kid On The Block & Braaten, “Ordinary World” by Made Of Marble, sleepy dude & Summer Vibes, “Me Rehúso” by Alberto Ciccarini, Poul & Saranas, “The Middle” by Cale & Ruhle, “Hate To Love You (feat. Nate VanDeusen) [ItsLee Remix]” by Iaco & Chloé Hetier, “Feeling Running Wild” by Waroxe and dance to the beat of “Désenchantée” by BAYZY, Oleria & Her Majesty. Get ready to embark on a musical journey like no other – it's the perfect crescendo to a week of discovery and delight!

Thank you for reading through, you can now listen to all of these tracks here. Make sure to add them to your playlists and see you next week!

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