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Lu & Sowlmate: 'Milky Chance is our main inspiration'


Releasing their debut EP was a big moment for German duo Lu & Sowlmate. Now that Runaway Life is out for everyone to hear, we thought it was about time to get to know the first ever artists to release an EP on Soave Records a bit better!


What kind of music did you listen to growing up? How has that influenced you?

We listened to many different genres during our childhood, not only melodic sounds but also totally different kinds of music like rap and hip-hop. The music which really influenced us and affected our current style that you hear in “Runaway Life” was rather Milky Chance and producers like Lost Frequencies and Alle Farben.

What made you decide to create music and become an artist?

We both always loved to make music and one so one day we decided to come together to create our first song. It worked out quite well with Luis mostly working on the lyrics and Max tuning the sounds, so we started producing more and more. Living the artist-life of being independent and entertaining/fascinating people with our music is our biggest dream. And that is why we started our project Lu & Sowlmate.

Has your music changed overtime?

Our next album, which we are currently working on, will be a bit more danceable than the latest EP “Runaway Life”. Also we wanted the new songs to be not that soft anymore and therefore provide the new melodies with more kick but our style remains still the same.

What can you tell us about the single‚ 'Runaway Life'?

Runaway Life is a song that reflects our being; it is about two young guys who are fleeing from everyday life and just want to be free. Producing that song turned out to be pretty easy and therefore went fast because we exactly knew what to sing and what our summer track must sound like. Making a suitable music video to the track was such a great experience and we had so much fun with the team. Maybe that‘s also a reason why “Runaway Life" is the favourite song of many fans.

What do you do when you‘re not in the studio making music?

We both have a full-time job and in our spare time we love to spend time with our friends, whether it's barbecues, game nights or a bar tour. With fitness training and various sports we keep fit and create a balance to sitting around in the studio.

What other artists would you love to collaborate with?

Milky Chance, Lost Frequencies and Lumineers are our favourite artists at the moment. Of course we would love to work together with Milky Chance, they have been an idol for us since ever and we just love their music. But there are many other artists we could think of having a collaboration with, for example Lost Frequencies, Robin Schulz, Alle Farben or Marv & Phillip Dittberner. Their music is genius in our opinion and it would be such a great experience to work with those big names.

What's the best performance you‘ve been to?

The Milky Chance Concert of their Blossom Tour in February 2018. The atmosphere was just amazing and everyone in their band is such a great musician. The way they play and improvise their tracks on stage is just mind blowing and it creates a really unique feeling.

3 words to describe you and your music?

passionate, footloose, …. we gotta find a third one here

Listen to the Runaway Life EP on Spotify below or on other platforms!

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