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10 Best Deep Edits of Milky Chance

No, Milky Chance is not just one guy. There's producer Philipp and singer Clemens, to whom the recognizable voice belongs. Together they make awesome folkpopreggae and for more information I refer you to the amazing world of Wikipedia. Alright, one more fact: they've only released one album so far and they've done it on their own. But just as with Benjamin Francis Leftwich, this debut album was so good that it proved perfect material for dozens of DJ's to remix their tunes into melodic deep house gems.

Being from Germany, the duo first gained attention in their home country and so most edits have been done by German producers as well. In the playlist underneath we find Florian Paetzold, who even made two. So did the duo FlicFlac, but you'll have to find the second one yourself, as I judged two Stolen Dance edits in one list was enough. With this we've mentioned their biggest hit, to which fellow German Alex Brandt added a very saxy touch. A different kind of tropical touch was injected by Norwegian Le P, real name Piotr Kolacz, who was on the forefront of the tropical house movement with his over one year old remix.

This doesn't mean we've mentioned all Germans yet, cause they make up the majority of this selective list. Back in 2013 current big man Niklas Ibach was still collaborating with his friend Markus Spitta, one of their most succesful fruits being a remix of Down By The River. For you to judge if it's better than FlicFlac's. LCAW from the southern city of Münich did his thing on Running, and if we continue moving to the Southeast we end up in the country with another bunch of excellent producers taking on Milky Chance: Austria. MOUNT from Vienna did 'Something Good' with Nicholas Haelg, but remixed Unkown Song all on his own, adding his signature rolling bassline. Filous, from the same beautiful city, gathered the most plays so far with his gorgeous take on Flashed Junk Mind. But ah, I found a Frenchie as well: Midside had his claim to fame with a superb edit of the already awesome track Loveland.

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