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Whistle along to Fredrik Ferrier and Harold van Lennep’s Whistle Song

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Here’s a simple tip for when you’re feeling down: whistle along to a happy song! Singer Fredrik Ferrier and producer Harold van Lennep happen to present just that tune: The Whistle Song is an upbeat blend of tropical house and beach pop, describing the lingering period after a relationship where both partners are in the painful but necessary process of moving on. “Faced with mixed emotions and constant reminders you have to stay strong and not succumb to getting back with each other despite what the partner is saying. The ending of the song is where you have made up your mind that despite thinking that she could have been the one, you are in fact better off without her”, the Icelandic British singer explains.

The Whistle Song is not only the first collaboration between the two, but was also the first time they met. What started as a rough idea in The Netherlands and Sweden, was developed and eventually finished between Belgium and UK. After more than two years, this track is finally ready to see the light of day and to be whistled along to by everyone!

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