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Wave Wave’s new summer song sounds like a dive Into The Sea

wave wave into the sea artwork

As summer approaches us, Wave Wave and HILLA present the perfect summer chill out anthem. “I’m falling for you like the sun into the sea” - the German singer paints a warm summer night picture which is exactly the feeling that Wave Wave’s acoustic guitar, saxophone and soft beats evoke. With his previous release on Soave now over several million plays, the German producer seems set to reach an even bigger audience with Into The Sea!

“Wave Wave and I first met during the After Show Party of the German Songwriting Awards in Berlin in december 2018”, HILLA tells. “Someone said that he‘s a producer always looking for topliners and I‘m a topliner always looking for producers. So it was a perfect match! He sent me the beat of Into The Sea while I was in Vienna writing and staying over with artist Lisa Pac. We wrote two songs that day and Lisa went out meeting a friend. I layed down exhausted in her cozy bed and I just wanted to give the beat a quick listen before going to sleep but I liked it so much that I started humming and writing at once. Wave Wave wrote me that the song could be about relaxing on the beach but with a touch of melancholy. So I had pictures in my mind right away. One hour later the song was finished! I recorded it, sent him the files and he loved it. That was the first collab we did and it was just super easy. I guess it won‘t be the last!”


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