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TooManyLeftHands and Marcus Mollyhus give you a Taste with Conan Mac

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

If you’re like me and groovy piano house is your running fuel, then ‘Taste’ is going to get you through a marathon. This new record by TooManyLeftHands and Marcus Mollyhus, for the first mentioned Danish duo their debut on Soave Records, spreads an amazing amount of energy.

The ‘Danish DJs of the Year’ with over 60 million streams to their name collaborate with their young compatriot Marcus Mollyhus, known for his house hit ‘Don’t Worry’ on Soave earlier this year. ‘Taste’ also features the vocal of Conan Mac, and the English singer adds a sensual touch to this piano house banger. ‘Taste’ is a must have for your workout routine!

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