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Taste the Forbidden Love of Hawk, Bellsavvy and Momentum

Rejoining Soave after racking up tons of plays on ‘So High’ with Strange Mike, Hawk now brings along Austrian producer Momentum and British singer Bellsavvy. “Forbidden love is a modern love story in various facets”, the singer and writer explains.

“It’s all about these times we’re living, with all this distance and lack of touch, in where things are way colder than it used to be before. There’s no longer that strong connection between us all, people play mind games with each other, seems to see relationships in a more discardable and simpler way, there’s no deep-rooted love anymore. But forbidden love is the bright side of it, it’s the open-hearted love letter that she puts out in words about all these weird moments people are living in. She is being brave-hearted and embracing it all, and in an unapologetic way saying she ain’t gonna give up on all of this and that she will live this forbidden love.”

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