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Shoby and Izzie Naylor Fly us to the Moon

Of course, covering the one and only Frank Sinatra is risky business, but Izzie Naylor might just have nailed it here. Joined by an instrumental remake from German producer Shoby, the UK singer gently delivers a chill house remake of the 1964 hit song.

“I’ve always been a big fan of Frank Sinatra and wanted to work on a new chill house version of this track for years”, Shoby comments. “I recently came across the magical voice of Izzie and this track came into creation.” Izzie adds: “Shoby contacted me about my Fly Me To The Moon cover, which has recently been gaining views on YouTube, and wanted to make a remix. I’ve actually always wanted someone to remix one of my covers officially so this is a really exciting opportunity, I love the chill sound he’s given the song!”

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