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Robbie Koex brings Illenium-esque touch to Getaway

We warn you: our first release of 2018 is a heavy one. As we're super fans of Illenium, we were delighted for Robbie Koex to take that kind of approach remixing "Getaway" by Imad & Wave Wave ft. Samia & White Trumpet!


Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Robbie Koex brings progressive, high energy sounds that never quit. Often coupled with an ambient feel, each song builds momentum and tells a story. Listening to his music, you can feel it in your chest dancing around your heart, swirling faster and faster until the entire spectrum of color seems to leap from beneath your sternum. This time in combination with a somewhat heavier vibe, Samia's voice is a song bird of sorrow and hope. As the song progresses, her beautiful cries for a getaway echo over waves of fluid future and hard hitting drums that leech emotion from you. Ever felt the pain of a lover's distance and know how badly they wish they could take their hand and just getaway? This song is that proverbial wish and grant thereupon. Prepare to be swept away in this push and pull voyage of love.

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