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Remixed, re-vibed & refreshing times two: Ninski’s Puppets

puppets wave wave remix artwork

Let paranoia run rampant today with two new remixes of Ninski’s 'Puppets', making you do a double-take. Our eyes are wide open, but feel free to close them and throw your hands in the air as you dance around your living room!


MVCA’s version rings out crisp and clear, bringing his very fresh tropic vibes to Ninski’s ‘Puppets’. The bouncy piano chords are playfully accented with one of my most favorite sounds; that of the marimba! This remix begins with a walk through the rain where one can imagine leafy branches parting to reveal a warm sun shining on every raindrop like glitter. This track leaves you feeling as though THIS is the moment the world is found to not be what “they” said it would be, but far more magical – and fun!

Wave Wave accentuates this notion and his remix seems to progress throughout its entirety with a variety of different layers. Guitar strings are gently plucked to the tune of the piano that transitions back and forth between futuristic synths and an understated trap-like baseline. Wave Wave gives you that old school turntable feel as he chops it up creating energy that fully supports the emotive lyrics. You’ll want to put your headphones on for this one!

Both available on all platforms, Wave Wave here and MVCA here, and in our Future's Finest playlist below!

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