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Noize Generation joins Soave reminding you that We’re Still Young

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

With all the troubles going on in the world this year, you’d almost forget to celebrate life. That’s where Noize Generation comes in: together with singer CILVR, he releases his first single on Soave Records. With over 25 million streams in just a year, Noize Generation's star is on the rise. Usually on the road across Europe's EDM festivals, the Russian- German DJ and producer has more time for song crafting on his hands in 2020. ‘We’re Still Young’ is an anthem to celebrate life and youth.

Although we cannot approve all of the suggestions in this song (setting fire to a car is not what we’d suggest to do), there are definitely some good ones in there. Combined with Noize Generation’s energetic piano-driven beat, this song is ready to fire up any party for the rest of the year!

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