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Ninski and Gabriel Leo crown themselves King Of The Scene

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

There’s no holding back Ninski in 2021. The Croatian carved out his own pop-dance niche and is now showering us in singles full of good vibes. ‘King Of The Scene’ with Portuguese singer- songwriter Gabriel Leo is the third in the course of as many months, and probably the one radiating the most energy.

The message however, is more serious than you might think: “We started this song in London in early 2020 while we were studying together”, the producer comments. “As we started making the song, we realised that it would be a good concept to talk about drugs and how rewarding they can feel, but also how deteriorating they are in the long run. It's not a song about liking drugs and neither is it against it. It's simply trying to create an image of what drugs can lead you to. And how far are you willing to go, even if it means that you may lose everything including your family, friends, money or other type of belongings.”

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