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New Music Friday: Soave's latest music releases

Updated: Feb 29

Hold Up because Carston and Nate VanDeusen have got just the jewel you’re looking for

With over a million monthly listeners, the young artist, singer and songwriter Carston writes both covers and originals in the most delicate fashion. Coupling irresistible acoustic guitar melodies with his soulful voice, records like his latest “Hold Up” display exactly why Carston is an artist to indulge in when needing both calm and awe. In near identical fashion is NYC-based producer, singer and songwriter Nate VanDeusen who carves his own blend of indie pop and chill house. It’s a collaboration that’s been waiting to happen, and hopefully not the last!  

Never Enough!

Toby Rose, a prominent figure in the dance music scene with nearly 1 million monthly listeners, collaborates with Barcelona-based producer DALEXO and Norwegian singer/guitarist Eirik Næss on their summer-driven hit "Way To Go," marking their first joint project and promising a refreshing blend of energetic club hits and soulful deep house grooves. Renowned for his captivating deep house, Alex Cruz demonstrates his versatility as both a producer and DJ in "High Wire," a hypnotizing track featuring collaborations with Brascon and Bailey. This blend of high-energy dance vibes and soulful tranquility is a must-have for any music collection. INGO and Namic collaborate with Sarah Bird on "Burning," a deep house track blending euphoric vocals with heartfelt piano chords and silky guitars. It follows INGO's Berlin debut and adds to Namic's listenership while welcoming back Sarah Bird after her hit "High." Horbatso and LeXxìv drop "Divine," a soulful chill house track on Soave Records, following their hit collaboration "Rollercoaster Ride." Lane Boy debuts on Soave with "What I Hope," a collaboration with Surfin' Sam and singer-songwriter Axel Ehnström. This track combines comfortable guitar lines, soothing drum grooves, and a captivating saxophone melody, offering listeners a soulful escape from the cold winter. Vietnamese artist Dallien returns to Soave with "Another Night," featuring Spagbo in his label debut, alongside Summer Vibes. This collaboration offers a mesmerizing deep house experience, solidifying these talents as ones to watch in the electronic music scene. Menza's "Easy Lover" blends lush synthesis, delicate groove, and captivating vocals in a captivating chill house track. His unique style solidifies him as a standout artist on Soave, with each release becoming increasingly dazzling.

Stephen Oaks, collaborating with French groovemaster AALLAR and DJ Just Mike, delivers a refreshing tropical house rendition of Macklemore's timeless hit "Can't Hold Us," infusing it with vibrant energy to bid farewell to winter and welcome the sun of 2024. This collaboration showcases the collective force of these three talented artists, offering a worthy cover that promises to uplift spirits and set the tone for the year ahead. Meanwhile, Gobi, known for his emotive deep house releases on Soave since last year, presents "Let's Talk About Love," a melodically rich and emotionally pure track. It embodies an honest rush of love, featuring bright piano melodies, delicate drums, and captivating vocals. Gobi's creation invites listeners to indulge in a tranquilizing and inspiring experience, momentarily freeing them from the stresses of everyday life and enveloping them in the warmth of affection.

Christopher Damas, EDM veteran since 2012, teams up with Diviners for "For You," a road trip-ready stunner. Their collaboration promises a captivating experience, marking Damas' first Soave release of the year.

Braaheim and ILYAA inject new life into the timeless dance hit "L'Amour Toujours" by Gigi D'Agostino, delivering a high-energy speed house rendition that retains the original's addictive melody and intensity, suitable for both club and festival settings, while also serving as the perfect morning energy boost.

Last round…

As we wrap up this exciting release week, here are our last 8 tracks. Unwind with the chill vibes of "Where Are You Now", “Skyfall”, "Crazy", “Sun Is Shining”, and “Stay Tight” or ignite the party spirit with the pulsating beats of "Sway", “Zombie”, and “Fine Day”. These tracks are the grand finale, offering a diverse and unforgettable conclusion to a week filled with sensational sounds. Get ready to embark on a musical journey like no other – it's the perfect crescendo to a week of discovery and delight!

Thank you for reading through, you can now listen to all of these tracks here. Make sure to add them to your playlists and see you next week!

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