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New Music Friday: Soave's latest music releases

Will you accept Braaten and Tom Bailey’s beautiful Wild Flowers?

When, as an artist, you’ve gained over 300 million streams on your catalog since the project’s inception, where do you go from there? For Braaten, it’s fueling his passion for melodic music with an approach of experimentation that continues to carry the chill house genre forward. “Wild Flowers”, for example, sees the sweetest of melodies played by a harmonica drive the chorus, as acoustic guitar riffs and emphatic string sections build the tension prior. Not to mention award-winning singer and songwriter Tom Bailey and his exceptional voice, the pair evoke sheer beauty with this bouquet of “Wild Flowers”. The question is, will you accept them?

Up Next on Soave Records:

Transitioning from serene to rock-inspired vibes, the "Rockstars" at Soave—Honest Regrets, Kid On The Block, and Thomas Geelens—deliver a chill and indie house tune that plucks at the heartstrings with its melancholic yet hopeful sound, ideal for awakening the inner rockstar in listeners this summer. Meanwhile, Swiss artist BLANCE, also known as PLVTO, captivates with his latest release featuring chill house undertones, pretty pianos, and stylish vocal chops. Dutch singer Natasha Ghosh adds her heartfelt vocals, ensuring you'll be "Drifting Away" into a serene auditory experience. As we look forward to summer, Gobi's new chill house tune "Summer Of Love" promises to enhance the season with its signature soft house music style.

Gianluca Dimeo continues to set the summer vibe with "Honey," a vibrant collaboration with Coppermines that embodies tropical dance music with its sweet melodies and vibrant rhythms.

For those aiming to enhance their summer, Chillem and Summer Vibes introduce "Make It Better," a house anthem with crunchy beats and bouncy bass synths, promising to be a vibrant soundtrack to the season.

In Germany, Lane Boy and WLZN create a soothing atmosphere perfect for the golden hour of a summer day with their latest tropical dance music track, which blends smooth vocals with gentle beats.

On the dance pop front, Kurdish producer MKJ and Egyptian artist OMERGY deliver "Twos," a deep house tune with pulsating beats and soulful lyrics by Conan Mac, poised to be an anthemic hit for both club and radio.

Turkish producer Mert Can makes his Soave debut with "Above The Clouds," a groovy g-house track developed alongside Italian producers Nick Giardino and NØVÄ, known for its compelling bass and cool vibes.

Jako Diaz distinguishes himself in the melodic house scene with "Need You," a track that showcases his unique sound design and profound songwriting, featuring vocals by Liu Bei.

Norwegian artist Braaheim collaborates with Den BB on "Levan Polkka," an energetic banger destined to dominate playlists and dancefloors with its hard-hitting kicks and cutting-edge synths. German producer Bastiqe embraces a raw, party-ready techno vibe with "Wild Ones," featuring contributions from Pandapush and Alyea, inviting listeners to join the high-energy fun. Finally, Austrian DJ Rene Rodrigezz teams up with SyonMusic on "Rise Up From The Ashes," a powerful techno track filled with infectious energy, perfect for igniting dancefloors.

Last but not least...

As we conclude this exciting and packed release week, here are our last 5 tracks. Unwind with the chill vibes of “La Bachata" (feat. Saranas) by Alberto Ciccarini & Poul, “Mango Tree" (feat. Josiah Nichols) by Harper Quinn & Aexcit, and “Cupid” by Planet Wave House, Kelo & Namté. You can also dance to the beat of "Ride It” by HYPER BOYZ, Onur Atli & Melih Arslan, and “I Was Made For Lovin’ You (BAMI Remix)” by Jorm. Get ready to embark on a musical journey like no other – it's the perfect crescendo to a week of discovery and delight!

Thank you for reading through, you can now listen to all of these tracks here. Make sure to add them to your playlists and see you next week!

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