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"Na Na Na" is the sound: New original by Lura & Ruggiero!

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Dedicated to providing you with the happiest of music, French duo Lura & Ruggiero greet the weekend on this wonderful Friday with their latest track "Na Na Na". Simply called ‘Na Na Na’, this catchy tune has energy all over.


This duo shines and always finds a way to stand apart from other deep house melodies. With fine layers of chopped up vocals, punchy guitar chords, orchestrated violin breaks and even electronic synths, Lura & Ruggiero consistently know how to make us break a sweat and dance our hearts out!

Look through the singer's eyes with their latest and get an understanding of the exquisite and fun energy she brings! Expect this one to follow you around while everyone around you is asking why you are smiling. As you head into the weekend, it's the perfect time to check out and follow Lura & Ruggiero's newest mixtape series, "Candies Tape", as well. You'll want to blast this mix at your next house disco with tracks from Myd, Dombresky & Tony Romera, Alex Preston, and Purple Disco Machine to name a few.

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