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Mark Mendy further perfects pop dance in Carbon with Conan Mac

Updated: May 22, 2020

Mark Mendy’s fans must be amongst the most patient in the world, with the Italian producer known to only release a couple of singles each year. But they are right to; Carbon is once again a perfectly balanced pop tune as we have gotten to know them from the hand of the Italian producer. Co-written and sung by UK singer-songwriter Conan Mac, the song is of a rare earworm quality.

“After a break up, you can burn any belonging of your ex”, Mark adds, “But you still have to figure out how to get rid of those pieces of memory stuck in the back of your mind to really get over it. It's that metaphoric moment of burning a picture and realising there's a ton of other pictures still left.” Its chill combination of organic instruments and the more electronically infused drop promises for it to be a radio hit straight from the start!

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