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m-cubed delivers a Thirsty Friday

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Happy Feel Good Friday! Today’s sound is bright, quirky and quite a bit unexpected much like the label who released it. Night Owl Collective continues to release track after track of must hear songs including their latest release Thirsty by m-cubed, aka Mike of Austin, Texas.


M-cubed provides us with an unapologetically unique jam and the synth-y waves are making us a bit dreamy as we bounce along to the creatively layered rhythms. This song transforms from a beautiful ethereal beast of the future into a spirit-filled flow of space scratchin’ and toe tappin’. We think m-cubed is a more than worthy addition to Night Owl Collective’s ever expanding compilation, Feel Trip Vol. 3, and we can’t wait to hear more.

Be on the lookout this Spring btw, when M-cubed is dropping his debut LP titled Verisimilitude. Mike believes the concept of realism is important for electronic music and when keeping it real, “less is often more”. He likes to strip back the music, taking sound to its most raw and visceral. The upcoming LP will be a barometer of sounds ranging from minimalistic to as full and lush as his latest track Thristy. Check out the song in NFGF below or here and remember to keep an eye out for the LP in Spring 2018!

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