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Let Paradigm and co. guide you to Nirvana

As far as dance music goes, what’s better than an irresistible groove underlined by thumping basslines while the catchiest vocal plays on top? Well, we don’t know since we simply can’t get enough of Paradigm’s sensational take on today’s slap house movement. With singles like ‘Wake Me Up In Paris’ breaking 50 million streams, there’s an eager audience awaiting their next move.

Today, they guide you to ‘Nirvana’ alongside Tribbs, a DJ and producer known for being the No. 1 airplay artist in Poland with ‘Ghost’. Poland’s SI US PLAU also joins to bring their fresh take on electronic music. This is slap house as it’s meant to be, so be sure to pump up the volume and vibe till you make it to ‘Nirvana’!

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