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Kjuus Brings Something Slippery: Migos in G-House Remix

migos slippery kjuus remix artwork

It may not be the chill Soave style you know, but we just couldn't resist this fat remix Kjuus made for Migos - Slippery. If you dig G-House, this is definitely a thing for you!


Oslo-based Kjuus has been catching our attention with quality Gangster House remixes for a while now. Although his SoundCloud is definitely the place to be, he also releases them officially on platforms such as Spotify, with Norwegian rappers giving it Norwegian lyrics.

We're satisfied with this version for now though: a fat bassline hooking us from the start and never letting go, a trappy break halfway and more skrrt's than Parisian girls wear in the summer. "I love working with Migos vocals, the way they are rapping bounces so good with a 4x4 beat", adds the creator himself. We agree!

Listen below and download it for free here!

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