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Henri Purnell, Ashton Love and East Love present a summer dance pop anthem

henri purnell eyes on you artwork

When German producer Henri Purnell got together with his Scottish counterpart Ashton Love and the two reached out to New York City band East Love, magic was born.

The result is called Eyes on You, a perfect blend of melodic dance and indie pop, grabbing the listener right from the start with a signature Henri Purnell whistle melody and culminating into a powerful chorus. After the artists’ recent individual successes with several million streams, this collaboration promises to shake the town!

"After I initially wrote the lead melody and created the drop for the track, I didn't know whether it fit my style too much and wasn't sure how to progress with it. But then Soave hooked me up with Henri and I sent it over to him, he loved it and took it too a new level, adding guitars and whistle sounds, and creating the breaks for the vocals to fit in nicely! Once we finished the instrumental, we decided to look for vocalists and felt the guys from East Love would be perfect! So we got in touch with them and they wrote an amazing vocal and finally, 'Eyes on You' was born! We all hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed creating it!"


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