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farfetch’d blends lounge and pop in Swedish Red Elephant collab

agatino romero catania artwork

Arriving on the scene in 2018, Swedish producer duo farfetch’d quickly made a name for itself with loungy deep house. Millions of plays and a daily growing fanbase later, they collaborate with their countrymen Swedish Red Elephant for a song that finds the perfect balance between lounge and pop. Fool’s Gold may not always be what it promises to be, this song surely is!

“We've been working on this one for a long time, searching for the sweet spot over and over again”, farfetch’d comments. “When all of a sudden a wild Swedish Red Elephant appeared to complete the track! We are so proud of this song, we feel it has this versatility to it that maybe our previous work lacked. You can listen to it reading a book on the beach, raving in a cave, sitting at work, having a jog, even when you're doing your private business at the toilet. We absolutely love it and hope you do as well!”


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