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A Forest Stroll With Dominik Eulberg's New 'Blauracke'

dominik eulberg blauracke techno track

Ornithologist/techno producer Dominik Eulberg treats us on an excursion into a dewy, lush morning forest with his latest track “Blauracke”. Blauracke is German for a bird called “European roller”, and the rolling groove really does pick you up for a curious scouting. A punchy woody kick and snapping snare guide you along a light footpath, and bouncing plucks echo from the lively canopy above. The floating pads are like light mist still hanging in the air, and you feel a subtle purring bass in your chest that keeps you alert in case a wild boar or perhaps a bear stumbles on the path.


The thick undergrowth starts to ease, and soon you arrive on the edge of a small clearing. A movement in the middle catches your eye, and you become captivated by two birds in a hypnotic dance – one a dazzling silver-blue and the other a polished reddish-brown. The birds circle around with a delicate movement in the air, and time comes to a standstill as you follow the performance. You feel like you could stand there forever, but eventually a glistening ray of sunlight pushes through the trees onto the birds. The light is so bright that you shield your eyes for a second, and when you look back the birds are gone. Only a fine shimmering dust hangs in the air, and you sigh in despair. As you do so, a breeze blows the dust in your direction. It flies through you, and you feel a deep insight and inspiration. You continue on your curious adventure on the footpath, feeling grounded, thankful, and refreshed.

Have a listen to the track, and see if you’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the birds! Find this with similar songs in our Daily Deep House Spotify playlist!


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