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Free Release: Clean Bandit Ft. Julia Michaels – Miss You (Vince Remix)

We sure are excited about this one! Berlin-based producer Vince has had significant success with his prior remixes, with no less than two million streams on his version of Jason Derulo’s ‘Swalla’ and hundreds of thousands on many others. His original track ‘4/20’ has also garnered major attention, proving that this young producer is on to something big. And we're releasing his remix of Clean Bandit & Julia Michael's hit song!


Vince captures the emotion of the song perfectly with his remix of Clean Bandit’s ‘I Miss You’. What a ride this track is… A sudden encounter after a broken romantic relationship brings up a rollercoaster of emotions, with catchy wailing vocals and percussive bass bringing the feels right from the start. The hook that ensues is a dip into the past and you start feeling a strong mix of warm old emotions with current loss.

The chorus follows, where a subtle humming touches your heart and imagination while the playful lead and gentle funk remind you to appreciate how good it was, bringing shivers down your spine on the way. The vocal fades away for a while, grabbing you into the cold reality of the now and you go through another whirlwind of yearning. You can hear that Vince really internalized the message of the song and poured his heart into the track. Worth a strong ‘thumbs up’ from the Soave Squad! Have a listen and enjoy the special video we have prepared to go along 😊

Download the song for free here and listen to similar sounds in this Spotify list!

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