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Braaten and Dani Vidi capture the hearts Waiting For Love

Another day, another sensational Braaten and Dani Vidi cover to not only revive fan-favourite anthems but breathe new life into songs we never want to forget. This time, they take on one of Avicii’s most popular records and offer the chill house touch that just seems to work perfectly. “Waiting For Love” is a song that strikes some of the fondest memories for most electronic music fans, and now you get to experience it in 2023 through a laid back, soulful chill house perspective. More importantly, Braaten and Dani Vidi pay tribute to the spirit of Avicii by ensuring his main melodies remain at the fore. If you’re still “Waiting For Love” after all these years (like I am…), then fill your heart with this beautifully fitting cover!

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