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Ashton Love turns Demi Lovato’s ‘Sober’ into a powerful dance hit

nexeri you & i remix artwork

Demi Lovato’s super hit Sober gets a dance treatment by Ashton Love, whose first release of 2019 (Chances) is currently closing in on a million plays. The same style is present in Sober, with a strong bass line and energetic brass-filled drops.

RIELL’s strong yet emotional voice gives a unique touch to Demi’s words, resulting in an emotional yet fierce and upbeat track that never loses the original story out of sight. "When I heard Demi's song first, I was impressed how emotional and beautiful it was", Ashton Love tells us. "I really wanted to give it my own spin and hope this extra energy lets people hear it in a new way!"

Hear the single below or find it on all platforms here!

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