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Ashton Love debuts on Soave with soul-infused banger

ashton love chances artwork

If you've been following our Selected Tunes SoundCloud channel for a while, you may remember us releasing Ashton Love - Here I Am on there some time ago. More than 2 years and 170,000 plays later, Ashton is debuting with an official release on Soave and it's only the first of many!

Scottish producer Ashton Love, supported on festivals like UMF and EDC by DJs as Martin Garrix and Chainsmokers, presents his new soulful house single Chances. Leaning on a strong female vocal, the song drops into a deep pop-dance drop first, while pulsating even more energy with a melodic house drop second. Get ready for a deep energy blast!

Hear it in our playlist below or find all platforms here!

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