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Agatino Romero captures the Mediterranean spirit in Soave debut 'Catania'

agatino romero catania artwork

You've seen him in our playlists and on our YouTube already, so it was about time Agatino Romero released a song with Soave! Catania is his best so far, if you ask us, and brings summer very near!

"Meet me where the ships come in, Catania…” Imagine sitting on the docks of Catania, Sicily (Italy), having a drink in the evening sun over the Mediterranean sea, watching the ships pass by. The dream to leave behind your everyday life and immerse yourself in the Mediterranean blue - this is what Agatino’s brand new chillin’ summer track (as well as Soave in general) is all about!

Agatino Romero: “The roots of my family are in Catania, and I always love to go back here! The harbour and the seaside down there have a unique atmosphere, the relaxing vibes of my hometown and the open nature of the Italian people always make me feel at home. Of course I can’t always be there, but I tried to capture the yearning and love for my origins in this song!"

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