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Dive into a deep mystery with Revelries’ new single Naked

revelries naked artwork

With over five million Spotify plays on two singles, 2018 is Revelries’ breakthrough year. The duo moves into a slightly different direction with Naked, a song in a Oriental Deep House style that pulls you into a mystery!

Hailing from the Netherlands, Revelries teamed up with Jeoko to melt your heart, just to build it up again. A sonic ride on an emotional roller coaster into the depths of the very human being. The title says it all: Naked. Aching flutes, longing vocals and a pulsating bass line will undress you from within. Be prepared. “Naked” with its addictive nature is going to be on repeat for weeks and you will discover something new every single time. You´re going to dance, you´re going to cry: A feeling you can´t quite describe. And when words fail – music starts speaking.

Hear it in our Arab Deep House playlist below or find all platforms here!

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