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New single Mama Say marks Henri Purnell’s growth as an artist

henri purnell mama say artwork

With well-received remixes for the likes of Sandro Cavazza and Freedom Fry, it’s been a busy summer for German producer Henri Purnell. He builds on this with his next single out on Soave Records, showcasing his full talent!


Mama Say features the vocals of compatriot Parula over a signature whistle house sound. The singer isn’t always sure which road to take, but his mother comforts him in his mind. You’ll certainly get carried away with this song!

Henri: "I can fully relate to the song Mama Say. Life is tough and not everything goes in the right direction. Each day we have to take decisions, some are harder than others. With the song we want to say that even though a decision in life can be hard, you should always have your family, especially your mother in mind to ask for help. Because if mama says „it’s gonna be okay“ it’ll be for sure. Mama Say spreads fresh and warm summer vibes and communicates a topic of coping life changing decisions which everyone can relate to.”

Hear it in our Beach playlist below or find all platforms here!

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