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Henri Purnell leads remix EP for Lu & Sowlmate full of chill beats

Anyone looking to soak up the post-Summer warmth with a new feel good track need look no further, as Henri Purnell keeps the Summer going with his lively remix of Runaway Life by Lu & Sowlmate!


Inducing a sense of calm through an overall pleasantly relaxing and gentle timbre, the soothing sounds of Henri’s remix will move you to new heights as you dive into a majestic, tropical nirvana. While adding a new layer of energy to the track through magnificent sound design, vivacious new rhythms, breezy tropical elements and his signature whistle, Henri Purnell keeps the same laid back vibe of the original track that we all know and love!

In a blissful, bright and enthusiastic take on an unforgettable track - this remix screams good vibes like no other and will get you grooving for sure! Accompanied by remixes from Swedish funk-house producer Sylow, Spaniard Tuero and German Alex Brandt, you can hear it in our Tropical Remixes playlist below or find it with the other remixes here!

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