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Selected Singer: Sam Setton

rosendale fairytale

Eight months ago he burst into the scene with his debut 'Berlin' and now Sam Setton is releasing yet another track about a city. This time it's his own. What is his thing with this city and how does his future look? We had a chat with him!


Since when have you been a singer-songwriter?

So I’ve been playing guitar since I was 12 and writing music since I was around 15. I recently picked up piano and sort of discovered this sound of mine at age 20.

Your single "My City" is out now. What do you want to express with this work?

Yeah! Super excited it’s finally out. I kind of want to express how much I love New York City, how much I love that I grew up here and how I’m grateful to be an artist here in NYC. I take the listener along with me on a subway ride home, in which I'm reflecting on my time spent in NYC, and combat thoughts of leaving. I hope anyone with a sense of pride about where they are from, or currently reside, can relate to this, but for me, I was inspired by NYC when writing this.

Which kind of producers could hit you up for a collab? Do they need to have a certain audience or style?

Not necessarily. I just want them to have some sort of unique style, good work ethic and music that I can vibe with ;)

Who is your favourite artist that we probably never heard about?

I can’t name just one. I’ll have to name drop my friends of course! NOY, exitpost, HOAX and Jack Laboz to name a few.

What do you love most about music?

That’s a loaded question! To keep it simple I’d have to say I love music’s ability to take me on a journey, regardless of where I am physically.

When you write a song, what pops up first?

It’s different every time, but I think usually the melody idea will come first. I consider myself a melody crafter first and foremost. Most of the time I’ll play a chord progression and craft a melody first and then write to it based of the emotion the melodies and chords evoke.

Do you play gigs in your city?

Hell yeah I do! My best performance was definitely at Mercury Lounge in NYC this past November. I was able to perform with a full band and in front of over 200 fans, friends and family.

What plans do you have for your future?

I’m currently working on finishing my debut EP, which is pretty awesome. I cannot wait to share more music with everyone!

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