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Mike Wit: "I just love a classic deep house beat with catchy vocals"

Spain is not a country most famous for its melodic deep house producers. I myself prefer the fuet and manchego, among others. However, there's a new star rising. Racking up millions of plays already with his remixes of Fools Garden and Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mike Wit stated his place and is now looking to expand on this with originals and more strong remixes, like the one we are releasing in cooperation with The Swinging Turtle! But who is Mike Wit?

Hello! Well, Mike Wit (my real name is Migue) is just a random guy from Spain who loves making music for his friends. The thing is lately the number of friends I have has increased a lot, haha! Oh, and I really like coffee. A lot. I don’t mind about eating anything for breakfast but I really really need coffee. The apps I use? Like 99% of the people, that's mostly WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. Followed closely by Twitter, Snapchat, and the email one. Nothing unexpected, right?

You recently moved from Valencia to Brighton and back, how and why was that?

Cold! Not too much rain, but the weather in Spain is really nice compared to here. I moved to Brighton with another producer, Sahe, and part of my SUPRMODE agency. We have some connections there and had the chance to work in a pretty big studios with huge equipment. We were really interested in seeing how the successful people work and to try to apply that in our project. Playing gigs, getting to know the culture and the language, going out of your comfort zone... there were a lot of reasons I guess. The funny thing is we were supposed to be in Brighton until the 20th of December, but the owners of the house kicked us out of the house because of the noise. I think the neighbors weren’t happy about our new ID’s and masters!

You have an agency?

SUPRMODE is my current booking & management agency. Is a promotional channel/network as well and I really love working with them. I’m really proud of being part of this family. A lot of talented people are involved in this project and I think we can build something big together. A lot of great news is coming soon!

Speaking of news, your new remixes are featuring a deep bass, yet your upcoming originals are more tropical. Where do you expect to move towards?

It's really hard to think about happy melodies and tropical stuff when you look to you window and it’s dark and cloudy 24/7! Haha no, I really like this new tendency of “Deep House”, mixing the classic Deep House bass with catchy vocals, commercial hooks and build ups. I love making music for the clubs also and this kind of remixes works really well on the dance floor. And I had a lot of fun making them, so expect more of this in the future!

What style do you really want to try out?

Well, that’s a difficult question! I made a lot of genres, like Dubstep, Electro, House, Tropical, Deep, Melodic... and at the moment I’m really comfortable doing the music I’m doing, but if I had to choose one... maybe I would choose Future Bass because is more or less similar to my actual style.

Why do you think EDM, and more specific melodic (deep) house, is not as popular in Spain as it is in most of Western Europe?

Well, the musical culture of EDM (and when I talk about EDM I don’t mean Big Room) is quite new to Spanish people. There aren’t too many producers here making Deep, Tropical or Melodic House, so is hard to get popular or trendy. The mainstream here is all about Big Room, and Reggaeton/Latin Music. And that’s a pity.

On one of your upcoming tracks you’ve worked with our Aux London buddy Peter Berry. How was that?

The world is very very small! At that time I was about to release my Apologize remix with La Tropicál. They told me that I had to wait like two months or so because they were full. At this time two months was too much for me so I asked them for another channel which could be interested in my track. They introduced me to Peter Berry and that was all! The funny thing is he lives “close” to me surprisingly, so it was easy to meet and have fun at the studio. We spent good times and adventures together, and of course we have more tracks coming!

Where will Mike Wit be (both physically and in a musical way) 1 year from now?

Playing in big festivals and surrounded by hot girls, of course! Haha, nah, just kidding. It’s impossible to know where I’m going to be physically in one year. In a musical way I’d really like to be doing the same things I’m doing now, making the music that makes me happy and that’s all.

What advice would you give to the people who are starting producing?

Trust in yourself but be distrustful with people when you have to be. Do the things that make you happy and study music! Being an artist and producing music is a hard path but with hard work and perseverance you’ll achieve your objectives. I’m sure!

Tell us who'd you like to know more about next!

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