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8 Best Deep Remixes of Dotan

Dutchie Dotan has had a good 2015 so far. The Jeruzalem-born, Amsterdam-bred singer released his second album 7 Layers at the end of last year, followed by singles Home, Hungry and Fall entering the Dutch hit lists. He's also gaining some international success, so you might've even heard of him in a different country. If not, let this playlist be a good introduction.

Of course some producers already picked up on him before his local breakthrough, which means they supplied us with some good remixes of his already impressive tracks. First up is Niklas Ibach, one of my favourite producers who is on the verge of a breakthrough himself. The German has already gained over 2,5 million plays on his Hungry remix on SoundCloud alone.

Then there's Peer Kusiv, also from Germany, remixing Let The River In. Further down the list we'll see Swiss prodigy Nicolas Haelg did this as well, just as Dutchies Larrykoek and Teecher were the second to edit Hungry. Home has also been improved (or so I think) by two different artists: The Him and Cat Carpenters, both Dutch and both duo's, though not of the same gender. There's another German in the list: Alex Schulz has remixed Waves, while The NEF Project was the only one to remix one of Dotan's older tracks: I Don't Trust Myself. Enjoy!

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