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10 Tropical Edits of Epic '70s Classics

Now that 10 Tropical Edits of Epic '80s Classics is reaching 70 likes, I figured it would make sense to have a follow-up. My choice was between '90s and '70s, but I'm guessing the '90s will show up at some point as well! As you might have guessed from the header image, Bob Marley is pretty well represented in this playlist. Talking about tropical and the '70s, who else could be the leading man? But Bob's in good company!

We've got 3 producers taking on the Jamaican legend in their own ways. Belgian Lost Frequencies infused his signature melodic house sound into No Women No Cry, while Parisians Montmartre had their biggest hit so far with their slow disco take on Is This Love. Kungs, also from France, turns Jamming into a very danceable tune by simply adding just the right house beats. One might consider tropical playlists without king Kygo as incomplete, and the Bergen resident also took on a '70s hit: Jolene by Dolly Parton, still from before his big breakthrough when his SoundCloud following was around 20.000. Ah, how time flies...

But Kygo is not the only Norwegian in this list. Many tropical compatriots followed in his footsteps, of which 22-year old Bergs acquired his place in this blog with his tropical remix of Boston's More Than a Feeling. The only non-Europeans in this list are Chicago-based Autograf, who remixed Stevie Wonder's Superstition into a very chilled-out poolside track. We have some more Frenchies with 20-year old Ducosy from Lille, taking on Marvin Gaye. Speaking of which, you'll hear much more from the Motown singer in the upcoming tropical '60s blog.

The other men from baguette country are Millesim, former J-Art and Madan, remixing The Police's Walking On The Moon. In contrast to France, there's not too much tropical or melodic house coming from Spain, but fortunately duo Steezmonks is there, turning all-time classic Hotel California into a tropical tune. I've also added some Dutch pride in the list: Deepend gave Bill Withers a cool house touch with some blazin' sax sounds!

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